Tactical Robots will take some of the most challenging projects to humanity many steps further by developing autonomous systems that will serve us in different fields.

Robotic systems has been a dream of humans since the beginning of recorded history. In the last few decades technology innovation placed humans in a new historic transition. Most of today's simple basic technologies were a dream of our fathers along with people that lived in the sixties through the nineties.

Tactical Robots will focus its efforts in developing drone technologies that will help us in security, transport, healthcare, marine science and other fields of interest.

About tactical robots

The company will operate in the United States of America and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company will bridge  American innovation and technologies into the Saudi markets. 

Tactical Robots team of experts and entrepreneurs are capable of pushing science forward and achieving historic success. We will create breakthrough technologies and innovative robotic systems that will serve humans beyond our imagination.​