Government buildings are the spinal cord to any nation and its most important asset. Government buildings and landmarks security requires a lot of efforts and the best of technologies to stop attackers, intruders, terrorists, opportunists and other criminals from causing damage to the national security.

“The security industry is just absolutely ripe for disruption. They haven’t done anything particularly new in 30 years, It’s door and window sensors, and CCTV cameras.” Instead of having to go back and see what went wrong after an intruder has already broken in, or needing to have someone monitor the system all of the time, house owners wants to know what’s happening around their property before it’s at their door.” For instance, if someone is scoping out the house to see whether it could be a viable target at some later date.

Tactical Robots solutions will include ground and airspace security and response to intruders by our unmanned air systems. 

Government Buildings & Landmarks

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