Oil refineries buildings must have safe surroundings, secured perimeter and innovative airspace defense system against criminals and intruders.

Terrorist organizations and other criminals pose a huge threat to infrastructure developments.

Oil refineries are considered high-value target among terrorists. Oil refineries and oil fields are vital to any country economy.

Disruption of service to any of oil fields or refineries could paralyze any nation's economy and have major national impacts.​

Most infrastructure facilities have advanced ground security detection systems and response teams on hand, Tactical Robots will offer airspace and ground intrusion detection, alerting and response against air or ground intruders offering huge advantages.

Tactical Robots offers a comprehensive ground & airspace security solutions for oil refineries that will require multiple components, such as

  • Detection
  • monitoring
  • classification
  • tracking.
  • Response

Our systems are capable of detecting the smallest objects on ground or air born well before a perimeter breach.

Once a threat has been identified, our technology will be deployed for rapid and complete remediation without causing collateral damage.

Schools & Daycare Centers

In the rush to secure networks, servers, and endpoint devices many organizations overlook the risks hidden in the physical infrastructure necessary to keep data centers operating.

Data center security is the pursuit of practices that make a data center more secure from a range of different kinds of threats and attacks. The data center, as a major primary resource for companies, deserves this kind of dedicated security effort.

Data centers and large corporate campuses across the globe are targets of various forms of espionage including the increasing threat of confidential information being copied, photographed, or stolen via drones and other unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Tactical Robots technologies will monitor the facility for ground or air born intrusions. Our technologies will detect and respond to drones acting as hotspots or around parameter. Tactical Robots technologies will respond as directed by our customers.

Prisons face challenges from smugglers using drones to deliver drugs, weapons, cell phones and other contraband onto facility grounds.  As a result, drone detection and disruption is critical to maintaining the highest standard of security. Prisons integrate DroneShield into their zone-based alarm systems to achieve consistent, complete monitoring of their perimeters, airspace and centralized facilities. Its alerts give advanced warning of drone activity and can be configured to automatically disrupt drones that enter a specified perimeter.
Tactical Robots Technology is mounted near exterior and interior peripheries, which you can maintain remotely. 
It contains a database of objects and UAV's commonly used in smuggling. 

Tactical Robots technology will instantly alerts via SMS, email, or through your existing alarm system and can automatically disrupt unauthorized drones within seconds.


  • Gives advanced warning of consumer-grade drones commonly used by smugglers and other unauthorized users
  • Can disrupt incoming drones forcing them to lower to the ground or return to operator allowing for law enforcement intervention
  • Contributes to more comprehensive surveillance through monitoring of air space as well as ground perimeters
  • Supplements and integrates with existing security systems for swift law enforcement response
  • Preserves data from alerts for use as digital evidence in legal proceedings

Schools and daycare centers around the world have been under the attack for decades without a real solution. We lost thousands of students to these attacks. Most of these attacks are caused by students or ex students that went on a rampage that killed many students in a short amount of time.

Tactical Robots is working on a solution that could help stop these atrocities from taking place by developing a response system to deal with intruders with fire arms on school premises.  

All entertainment facilities pose security challenges, but sports stadiums definitely top the list. Many modern sports stadiums are multipurpose venues that also host concerts and other cultural events.

Stadiums host millions of people playing different sports such as football, soccer and so on. These facilities, in which thousands of people congregate on a regular basis, have to meet especially demanding security, safety, communication and building automation criteria. They therefore face daunting security issues which lead to the following challenges:

  • Preventing and/or responding to terrorism, rioting and vandalism
  • Dealing with fire and explosions
  • Protecting athletes and staff
  • Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations
  • Separating crowds

Pushing Limits, Empowered by Innovation


Government Buildings & Landmarks


Most airports around the world had drone sightings and attacks. Most of these sightings were caused by people flying their personal drones in the No-Fly zone. Millions of people were delayed or missed their flight because of drone and airspace intrusions. 

Airports are major infrastructure with extremely high traffic which makes them one of the most important facilities to any nation and their security require huge efforts and the most innovative technologies. 

Airport intrusions and security breaches comes at a heavy cost. In the last few years theses breaches caused millions of travelers around the world to miss their flight costing airline carriers and ground airports millions of dollars in expenses.

Tactical Robots technology packed with a defense software and artificial intelligence can detect people, drones and other small objects on ground or air born. 

Unmanned Air Vehicles UAV's are a huge risk to stadiums with major events hosting hundreds of thousands of people at the same time. 

Oil Refineries

Data Centers

Government buildings are the spinal cord to any nation and its most important asset. Government buildings and landmarks security requires a lot of efforts and the best of technologies to stop attackers, intruders, terrorists, opportunists and other criminals from causing damage to the national security.

“The security industry is just absolutely ripe for disruption. They haven’t done anything particularly new in 30 years, It’s door and window sensors, and CCTV cameras.” Instead of having to go back and see what went wrong after an intruder has already broken in, or needing to have someone monitor the system all of the time, house owners wants to know what’s happening around their property before it’s at their door.” For instance, if someone is scoping out the house to see whether it could be a viable target at some later date.

Tactical Robots solutions will include ground and airspace security and response to intruders by our unmanned air systems. 

Prison Security