Oil refineries buildings must have safe surroundings, secured perimeter and innovative airspace defense system against criminals and intruders.

Terrorist organizations and other criminals pose a huge threat to infrastructure developments.

Oil refineries are considered high-value target among terrorists. Oil refineries and oil fields are vital to any country economy.

Disruption of service to any of oil fields or refineries could paralyze any nation's economy and have major national impacts.​

Most infrastructure facilities have advanced ground security detection systems and response teams on hand, Tactical Robots will offer airspace and ground intrusion detection, alerting and response against air or ground intruders offering huge advantages.

Tactical Robots offers a comprehensive ground & airspace security solutions for oil refineries that will require multiple components, such as

  • Detection
  • monitoring
  • classification
  • tracking.
  • Response

Our systems are capable of detecting the smallest objects on ground or air born well before a perimeter breach.

Once a threat has been identified, our technology will be deployed for rapid and complete remediation without causing collateral damage.

Oil Refineries

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